Luxury Apartments

An apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. It is a type of accommodation that uses hotel style booking system. Most apartments are in buildings designed for the purpose, but large older houses are sometimes divided into apartments. Apartment buildings are multi-story buildings where three or more residences are contained within one structure. Rental apartments are the buildings which are owned by a single entity and rented out to many. First, try to find an apartment that is on the first floor. Some people are afraid that first level apartments make them more prone to burglary.

This isn’t always the case even without a dog, but with a dog, you have a living burglar deterrent. Burglars choose the easiest target, not apartments with large dogs that love their owners. When looking to rent a new apartment, you will also want to have an in depth discussion with the property owner. Advertisements that announce available apartments may not reveal the whole story when it comes to leasing an apartment because sadly, advertisement space is restricted.

Each apartment unit is owned separately and owner-tenants generally form an association to provide for apartment maintenance. Superior sense of community is encouraged in co-housing, where residents plan, develop, and manage a community, often consisting of apartments and town houses that combine private quarters with common spaces where they frequently include gardens, tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds. Buying an apartment building is certainly a serious matter and requires a lot of time, knowledge of the minutest details and other property implications to decide on the best possible deal.

As a rule, though, apartment buildings are usually substantial business deals, whether in the case of selling or buying. There are many types of apartments available on the market today. These apartments are designed to have self-sufficient amenities such as supermarkets, playgrounds, schools and food centers located nearby. Condominiums however, offer more facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and security services. Those looking for apartment have plenty of development from which to choose. Be it Studio, Duplexes, One to Four bedroom apartments or Penthouses there is a huge assortment at disposal. You will not believe how many people approach apartment management dressed like they just came from a club.

First impressions are everything and the leasing manager is looking for a responsible tenant who will be able to take care of the apartment, pay rent and utilities on time and live peaceably with other tenants in that community. So avoid torn clothes, shabby looks, unkempt hair etc. Avoid chewing gum and plugged headsets while discussing the lease.

Apartment Rentals is a popular trend in hospitality industry. Nowadays, luxury apartment rentals are competing with five star hotels accommodation in terms of luxury, comfort, and occupancy. People prefer renting an apartments rather than renting a hotel room on several occasions. They find it comparatively cheap, more convenient and easy option of rented accommodation while on outdoor tours. Luxury Apartments give you a comfortable and homely stay. These apartments in Manhattan are well equipped with all the facilities that one can think of getting in one’s own home.

How To Clean An Apartment Checklist

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to clean an apartment, this list will walk you through the process step by step.


Dust is inevitable. It comes in through doors through windows, on the bottom of shoes and clothing. Dusting weekly will reduce the need for more serious deep cleanings. Use the right tools, a vacuum cleaner with a long attachment and microfiber cloths will remove the dust from your apartment not just spread it around. Dust the obvious and not so obvious:

[] Table surfaces
[] Chairs
[] Televisions
[] Windowsills
[] Wallpaper
[] Ceiling fans
[] Corner cobwebs


Floors can collect more than dirt, pick up anything that shouldn’t be on the floor and put it in its correct place or room.

[] Vacuum carpets and rugs
[] Mop or wash tile or wood floors (do the kitchen separately)


When you live in a small space, learning how to clean an apartment and keep it clean becomes doubly important; take out the trash as often as possible, daily if you can.

[] Throw away any piles of papers or junk mail
[] Take out kitchen and bathroom trash
[] Replace bags on all waste baskets (its a good idea to leave a few extra bags at the bottom for next time)


The kitchen is probably the toughest room in the apartment to get and keep clean. Do the work upfront and then try to maintain as you go. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

[] Wash the dishes daily (collect any dishes in other rooms)
[] Clean out the refrigerator (thrown away any expired item and old leftovers, wipe clean any spill remnants inside, wipe down the outside and the handle)
[] Clean/scrub countertops
[] Shake out crumbs in toaster
[] Wipe down appliances (including microwave inside and out)
[] Clean/scrub stovetop
[] Clean any obvious spots on the walls
[] Sweep up floor for crumbs and debris
[] Mop or wash floor
[] Scrub sink


The bathroom should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Any longer than that, and it can turn into a disgusting job.

[] Use mildew remover on shower and bath
[] Disinfect the toilet
[] Scrub the sink
[] Mop the floor


The biggest mess maker in the bedroom is probably dirty laundry. Make sure you have a big enough hamper so have a place to put your dirty clothes until laundry day.

[] Change the linens (weekly)
[] Make the bed (daily)
[] Keep trash and dishes out of the bedroom
[] Neatly stack any magazines or reading materials
[] Air out the room (open the windows)

Now that you know how to clean an apartment, you need to ask yourself if you have the right systems set in place to help you keep that apartment looking clean and uncluttered.

Sometimes what your apartment needs is not so much a cleaning, but a decluttering. Do you have stuff in your house that you don’t use, but you can’t seem to let go? Does your apartment feel smaller than when you first moved in? Are you stressed out or embarrassed to have people over? It’s probably time to declutter not clean.

Ruins of Yuanmingyuan in Beijing

The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan is situated in the northwest of the Beijing City, west of Tsinghua University directly north of the 5th ring Road and less than 1 kilometers east of the Summer Palace. Before aggressive Anglo-French troops invaded China in 1860, the three gardens of Yuanmingyuan were part of a huge imperial residential and garden complex of the Qing Dynasty, set far away from the Forbidden City. At the beginning it was a gift from Qing Emperor Kangxi to his fourth son Prince Yinzhen(Emperor Yongzheng) and was mainly composed of water scenery. When construction began, the name, however, was still unknown. In 1709, Emperor Kangxi himself gave the plaque bearing the name “Yuanmingyuan ” to the garden.

Emperor Yongzheng explained the meaning of “Yuanmingyuan” in The Imperial Record of Yuanmingyuan by stating that the emperor should strengthen self-cultivation so as to perfect one’s character and reach the ultimate goal of becoming a sage. He had to show his wisdom, virtue and benevolence in running the country. The name Yuanmingyuan was not only a motto for Emperor Kangxi but also for future emperors.

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After Prince Yinzhen succeeded the throne, he expanded Yuanmingyuan on a large scale to create a combines imperial garden and traveling residence. Starting in 1725, the emperor attended and handle state affairs during spring, summer and autumn in Yuanmingyuan.

The garden held a collection of countless jewelry pieces, cultural relics, antiques, ancient books and paintings. Yuanmingyuan demonstrate a thousand years of excellence in the art of gardening in China. Its artistic achievement is a splendid page in Chinese history, allowing Yuanmingyuan to receive the graceful name of ” the best among the gardens from the international community. “

On October 7th, 1860, soon after the Anglo-French Allied Forces first intruded into the garden, commanders of the invading troops issued an order to rob the site in three days. The treasures in the garden were looted and destroyed. On October 18th, under the command of British Minister, soldiers began to set the garden on fire, leaving them to burn for three days and three nights. The fire, smoke and ashes spread for miles. What was once the most splendid garden of gardens no longer existed.

The atrocity of burning down Yuanmingyuan by the Anglo-French Allied Forces was condemned and it aroused the indignation of all justice-upholding people al over the world. The freat French writer Victor Hugo once wrote a letter to sharply denounce the heinous crimes of the invaders Even the British Expeditionary Commander Grant had to admit what they had done was utterly unciviliaed.

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After the Qing emperor abdicated, warlords unscrupulously took away huge amounts of stones for their own use of for sale. Some of the poor moved into the garden to look for treasure, cut firewood, raise cattle, and cultivate land. The garden was continually taken apart and spoiled almost daily. Carts fully loaded with broken material rolled out of the garden with interruption. The looting of wood, stone and earth lasted for decades. When New China was founded in 1949, Yuanmingyuan was already a waste land, only some barren hills, lakes, streams and western architectural debris remained along with some farmland.