Serviced Apartments In Delhi – Palm Greens

Delhi, where a empire rose and fell before the dawn of history; where citadels of emperors appeared and disappeared; a city of mysterious Eternity whose old ruins proclaim a majestic and imperial past and whose present pulsates vibrantly with the ever flowing life of India. The eternal Jamuna bears witness to the glorious and tumultuous 5,000 year old history of Delhi. A history which begins with the creation of Indraprastha by the Pandavas and the transformation of this barren gift of the Kauravas into an idyllic haven. To visit Delhi for a short stay or a long visit to all places and locations in delhi you are welcomed to pal greens serviced apartments in delhi. We offers Corporate service apartments, executive service apartments, fully furnished apartments with all kind of luxury and facilties for making your stay feel like home away from home. We are one of the experienced Hotel owners who have their service apartments for international tourist as well as domestic tourists. Some of our unique features are our Aesthetically designed and lavished furnished apartments including

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Garden Plants As Effective Mole Control Methods

There are far more mole control methods that any homeowner can possibly make use of to protect their lawns and plants from the digging activities of these small creatures. Apart from the barbaric use of traps and poisons, there are actually more humane ways to get these mammals out of your yard. You can even choose to simply coexist with them by fashioning your landscape in a way that will benefit both you and the moles.

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Red Fort in Delhi

Red fort is one of the largest monument and popular tourist destination of Old Delhi. It is one of the spectacular masterpiece of Mughal architecture was started by the emperor Shah jahan during his reign in 1638, when he transferred his capital from Agra to Delhi and completed in 1648. Lal Quilla is located at the town’s northern end on the right bank of the Yamuna and south of Salimgarh. Due to its architectural brilliance, Red fort has been notified as a monument of national importance in the year 1913. Again in the year 2007, Lal Quilla has been declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

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